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300-715 Exam Questions and Answers

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Cisco exam policy after the 24th of Feb, 2020

To become CCNP certified in any track you need to pass only two exams and no valid CCNA certification required.

The two exams are,

  1. The Core Exam
  2. The Concentration Exam
CCNP certification

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine (300-715 SISE)

This exam tests your knowledge of Cisco Identify Services Engine.

[2020.3.26] updates Cisco 300-715 exam practice questions

Which two events trigger a CoA for an endpoint when CoA is enabled globally for ReAuth? (Choose two.)
A. endpoint marked as lost in My Devices Portal
B. addition of endpoint to My Devices Portal
C. endpoint profile transition from Aop.e-dev.ee to Apple-iPhone
D. endpoint profile transition from Unknown to Windows 10-Workstation
E. updating of endpoint dACL.
Correct Answer: CD

Drag the Cisco ISE node types from the left onto the appropriate purposes on the right.
Select and Place:

Pass4itsure 300-715 exam questions-q2

Correct Answer:

Pass4itsure 300-715 exam questions-q2-2

Monitoring = provides advanced monitoring and troubleshooting tools that you can use to effectively manage your
network and resources
Policy Service = provides network access, posture, guest access, client provisioning, and profiling services.
This persona evaluates the policies and makes all the decisions.
Administration = manages all system-related configuration and configurations that relate to functionality such as
authentication, authorization, auditing, and so on pxGrid = shares context-sensitive information from Cisco ISE to

During BYOD flow, from where does a Microsoft Windows PC download the Network Setup Assistant?
A. Cisco App Store
B. Microsoft App Store
C. Cisco ISE directly
D. Native OTA functionality
Correct Answer: C

Which two probes must be enabled for the ARP cache to function in the Cisco ISE profile service so that a user can
reliably bind the IP address and MAC addresses of endpoints? (Choose two.)
A. NetFlow
Correct Answer: DE
Cisco ISE implements an ARP cache in the profiling service, so that you can reliably map the IP addresses and the
MAC addresses of endpoints. For the ARP cache to function, you must enable either the DHCP probe or the RADIUS
probe. The DHCP and RADIUS probes carry the IP addresses and the MAC addresses of endpoints in the payload
data. The dhcp-requested address attribute in the DHCP probe and the Framed-IP-address attribute in the RADIUS
probe carry the IP addresses of endpoints, along with their MAC addresses, which can be mapped and stored in the
ARP cache.

What occurs when a Cisco ISE distributed deployment has two nodes and the secondary node is deregistered?
A. The primary node restarts
B. The secondary node restarts.
C. The primary node becomes standalone
D. Both nodes restart.
Correct Answer: B
if your deployment has two nodes and you deregister the secondary node, both nodes in this primary-secondary pair are
restarted. (The former primary and secondary nodes become standalone.)

Which profiling probe collects the user-agent string?
Correct Answer: C

What must be configured on the Cisco ISE authentication policy for unknown MAC addresses/identities for successful
A. pass
B. reject
C. drop
D. continue
Correct Answer: B

Which valid external identity source can be used with Cisco ISE?
A. IPsec vpn authentication
B. smart card
C. local user name and password
D. TACACS+ token
Correct Answer: B

Which personas can a Cisco ISE node assume\\’?
A. policy service, gatekeeping, and monitoring
B. administration, policy service, and monitoring
C. administration, policy service, gatekeeping
D. administration, monitoring, and gatekeeping
Correct Answer: B
The persona or personas of a node determine the services provided by a node. An ISE node can assume any or all of
the following personas: Administration, Policy Service, and Monitoring. The menu options that are available through the administrative user interface are dependent on the role and personas that an ISE node assumes. See Cisco ISE Nodes
and Available Menu Options for more information.

Which default endpoint identity group does an endpoint that does not match any profile in Cisco ISE become a member
A. Endpoint
B. unknown
C. blacklist
D. white list
E. profiled
Correct Answer: B
If you do not have a matching profiling policy, you can assign an unknown profiling policy. The endpoint is therefore
profiled as Unknown. The endpoint that does not match any profile is grouped within the Unknown identity group. The
endpoint profiled to the Unknown profile requires that you create a profile with an attribute or a set of attributes collected
for that endpoint.

What is a requirement for Feed Service to work?
A. TCP port 3080 must be opened between Cisco ISE and the feed server
B. Cisco ISE has a base license.
C. Cisco ISE has access to an internal server to download feed update
D. Cisco ISE has Internet access to download feed update
Correct Answer: B

Which two endpoint compliance statuses are possible? (Choose two.)
A. unknown
B. known
C. invalid
D. compliant
E. valid
Correct Answer: AD

Which two components are required for creating a Native Supplicant Profile within a BYOD flow? (Choose two )
A. Windows Settings
B. Connection Type
C. iOS Settings
D. Redirect ACL
E. Operating System
Correct Answer: BE

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