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Citrix Education – 253:

About the 1Y0-253 exam:

The Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10.5 for App and Desktop Solutions exam is divided into the following sections:

Assessing Infrastructure Needs for the NetScaler Implementation
Designing the NetScaler Implementation
Building the Solution to Enable Remote Access
Securing the NetScaler
Integrating with Citrix, Microsoft and Third-party Technologies
Configuring Redundancy
Customizing Traffic in the NetScaler Implementation
Setting Up Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting for the NetScaler Implementation
Troubleshooting Issues on NetScaler

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Exam B
A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a load balanced RADIUS virtual server for authentication on the
Which IP address should the administrator configure on the RADIUS server client configuration?
A. virtual IP (vIP)
B. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
C. Subnet IP (SNIP)
D. Client IP (CIP)
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: A backend web server is NOT functioning correctly due to a database related issue. The web
server is load balanced by Citrix NetScaler. Due to the database issue, the correct content is NOT being
However the NetScaler is still allowing connections to the web server. How can a Citrix Administrator
prevent this from happening?
A. Create an SQL database user within NetScaler.
B. Create two monitors, one on the webserver that checks on HTTP and one on the database server that
checks on TCP.
C. Create an HTTP monitor on the webserver that checks on a pattern that originates from the database
within the HTML code.
D. Create an HTTP-ECv monitor on the webserver that checks on a pattern that originates from the
database within the HTML code.
Correct Answer: D

Where in the NetScaler Configuration Utility should a Citrix Administrator configure a load balancing virtual
A. System
B. AppExpert
C. Optimization
D. Traffic Management
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured the following preauthentication policies for NetScaler Gateway.
Priority 20 Policy2 bound to virtual server
Priority 10 Policy1 bound to AAA Global
Priority 10 Policy3 bound to virtual server
Priority 20 Policy4 bound to AAA Global
In which order are the policies applied?
A. Policy2, Policy3, Policy1, Policy4
B. Policy1, Policy2, Policy3, Policy4
C. Policy4, Policy2, Policy1, Policy3
D. Policy3, Policy1, Policy4, Policy2
Correct Answer: C

HDX Insight is used in a 500-user organization that has a single datacenter location with a single Internet
service provider.
Which form of Citrix NetScaler redundancy should a Citrix Administrator implement?
C. Clustering
D. High availability
Correct Answer: D

Which command can a Citrix Administrator use to see a specific auditing Syslog policy binding?
A. show log
B. show audit
C. show syslog
D. show attribute
Correct Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator would like to use TCP Profiles to optimize NetScaler Gateway for ICA Access
without affecting other load balanced traffic.
The administrator should use the and bind it . (Choose the correct option
to complete the sentence.)
A. nstcp default profile; globally
B. nstcp default XA XD profile; globally
C. nstcp default profile; to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
D. nstcp default XA XD profile; to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
Correct Answer: D

What is a valid command that a Citrix Administrator can run at the command-line interface to reconfigure
the NetScaler IP address?
A. set ns ip
B. config ns
C. add ns ip
D. add ipset
Correct Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator needs to set up two-factor authentication on NetScaler Gateway for mobile devices.
Which two actions should the administrator take to allow users to log on using mobile devices? (Choose
A. Create a pre-authentication policy
B. Create a RADIUS authentication policy
C. Bind the LDAP policy for primary authentication
D. Bind the RADIUS policy for primary authentication
E. Bind the RADIUS policy for secondary authentication
Correct Answer: BD

Scenario: While troubleshooting a license issue on NetScaler, a Citrix Administrator notes the following
entry as the root cause:
1:47:12 (CITRIX) SERvER line says HOSTNAME=cag, hostid is HOSTNAME=ns
In which file would the administrator modify the hostname to resolve this issue?
A. rc.conf
B. ns.conf
C. auth.log
D. aaad.debug
Correct Answer: A

Which toolcanbeusedby aCitrixAdministrator, whenusing the NetScaler ConfigurationUtility, tocollect
troubleshooting information to provide to Citrix Technical Support?
A. Get Back Trace
B. Download core files
C. Download trace files
D. Generate support file
Correct Answer: B

Which script should a Citrix Administrator use when creating an Active Directory load balance monitor
through the NetScaler?
Correct Answer: A

Which port exchanges high availability heartbeats?
A. TCP 80
B. TCP 443
C. TCP 3003
D. UDP 3003
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured NTP Time Servers in the Citrix NetScaler configuration.
However, the time is NOT in sync with the NTP Time servers. The addresses of the servers have been
What could be causing this issue?
A. NTP Synchronization state is disabled.
B. NTP Authentication is NOT configured.
C. NTP Server Auto Key is NOT configured.
D. No NTP server is ISet as preferred NTP serverI.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator must implement NetScaler Gateway. The solution must allow users to be able
to change their Active Directory password from the NetScaler Gateway logon page.
Which two actions must the administrator perform to meet the requirements of this scenario? (Choose
A. Configure LDAP authentication.
B. Configure LDAPS authentication.
C. Add a RADIUS authentication server.
D. Enable the ‘Allow password change’ option for the LDAP authentication server.
Correct Answer: BD

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure a NetScaler to provide access to users on an Exchange
platform. The users will only use the IMAP4 protocol.
Which three features should the administrator configure for this scenario? (Choose three.)
A. SSL Offload
B. Compression
C. Load balancing
D. Health monitoring
E. Integrated caching
F. Route health injection
Correct Answer: ACD

Scenario: An administrator configures load balancing in an environment to load balance a Web server. The
administrator needs to enhance availability in the case that the virtual server goes down.
Which two options could the administrator configure to meet the load balancing needs for this
environment? (Choose two.)
A. Redirect URL
B. Reversemonitoring
C. Backup virtual server
D. Content Switching virtual server
Correct Answer: AC

Scenario: An Internal Web virtual server is configured with two services named wserv1 and wserv2. The
services have the default weight settings. A new company policy requires that the weight ratio between
wserv1 and wserv2 be 10:1.
Which action could an administrator take to adjust the weight settings?
A. Add wserv1 and wserv2 servers in the Servers tab.
B. Modify Internal Web virtual server in the Services tab.
C. Modify wserv1 and wserv2 services in the Services tab.
D. Add a metric table with wserv1 and wserv2 metrics in the Metric Tables tab.
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: Management has requested monthly detailed performance reports for an online Web
application. Management has also requested real-time monitoring of the environment with the possibility of
exporting historical reports.
Which type of reporting or monitoring tool should an administrator use to meet the requirements of this
scenario?A. SNMP
B. Syslog
C. CitrixCommandCenter
D. NetScaler Insight Center
Correct Answer: D

An administrator could generate a trace file using the and the . (Choose
the two correct options to complete the sentence.)
A. Instrace.shI command at the NetScaler shell
B. Diagnostics option in the Configuration Utility GUI
C. Istart nstraceI command at the command-line interface
D. Instcpdump.shI command at the command-line interface
Correct Answer: BC

An administrator maintains a NetScaler environment that includes Secure Ticket Authority servers
configured with custom ports.
Which two Secure Ticket Authority address formats could the administrator configure when using custom
ports on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server? (Choose two.)
A. http:jjSTA1jcitrixjctxsta.dll
C. http:jj10.10.10.1:portjcitrixjctxsta.dll
Correct Answer: BC

An administrator needs to use the command-line interface to create a load-balanced virtual server for a
Web server listening on port 80.
Which command could the administrator run at the command-line interface to accomplish this task?
A. add vserver vServer-LB-1
B. add lb vserver vServer-LB-1
C. add vserver vServer-LB-1 HTTP 80
D. add lb vserver vServer-LB-1 HTTP 80
Correct Answer: D

An administrator needs to allow remote users to access their locally-installed corporate applications over a
secure connection.
In order to meet this requirement, the administrator could configure on the NetScaler.
(Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
B. ICA Proxy
C. SSL Offload
D. Clientless Access
Correct Answer: A

An administrator must configure a NetScaler system to be compliant with security policies that require the
Security Team to have the ability to provide the identity of all the connected users.
Which action could the administrator take to meet this requirement?
A. Configure SNMP.
B. Generate a Trace file.
C. Configure an audit policy.
D. Generate a Custom Report.
Correct Answer: B

Which two actions should an administrator take to ensure the first NetScaler node configured in a high
availability (HA) pair remains the primary node after a second node is added? (Choose two.)
A. Set Stay Primary on the first node.
B. Configure Stay Secondary on the second node.
C. Enable HA Sync before adding the second node.
D. Create a Route Monitor to ensure proper synchronization.
E. Ensure that INC mode is enabled during creation of the HA pair.
Correct Answer: AB

An administrator needs to implement a solution to provide users with remote access to applications from
tablet devices using Citrix Receiver.
Which component is required to fulfill these requirements?
A. Citrix Web Interface
B. Citrix Single Sign-on
C. Citrix Provisioning Services
D. Citrix Merchandising Server
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: Several users in an environment connect to corporate network resources through NetScaler
Sometimes these users only need to connect to the corporate XenDesktop environment. Some of the
users do NOT need a vPN connection.
How couldan administrator configure accessusing NetScaler Gatewayfor thisscenario?
A. Enable Client Choices.
B. Set Clientless Access to Allow.
C. Configure a virtual server in Basic mode.
D. Configure the Plug-in Type as WindowsjMac OS X.
Correct Answer: A

Which command should an administrator run at the command-line interface to show all the IPv6 static
routes in the attached Exhibit?
A. show route6
B. show route6 -ALL
C. show route ipv6 all
D. show route6::j0 fe80::j67
Correct Answer: A

An administrator must configure SmartAccess policies within an existing NetScaler Gateway
Which action must the administrator perform to meet the objectives of this implementation?
A. Upgrade Citrix XenApp from 6.0 to 6.5.
B. Upgrade Web Interface from 5.3 to 5.4.
C. Configure a next hop NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
D. Configure the mode of the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: NetScaler is used to load balance Microsoft SharePoint for internal users. An administrator
needs to configure the NetScaler device to allow for external access to the SharePoint site.
Which action could the administrator take to meet the requirements of the scenario?
A. Bind the SharePoint certificate to the virtual server.
B. Add the Microsoft SharePoint server to a Web Interface site.
C. Configure an Authentication, Auditing and Authorization server.
D. Enable ‘ICA proxy only’ on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator configured a AAA virtual server. The AAA virtual server is NOT yet bound to a
traffic management virtual server.
Which two virtual servers could the administrator configure as traffic management virtual servers? (Choose
B. Load balancing
C. Content switching
D. NetScaler Gateway
Correct Answer: BC

Scenario: NetScaler Gateway is implemented to provide Web Resources, including Outlook Web Access
and an SAP portal, to users. Marketing and Sales department employees normally work from outside the
office location and should be able to access Web Resources from different types of devices that are NOT
maintained by the company.
Which user access connection method should an administrator configure to meet the needs of this
A. Citrix Receiver
B. PN Agent plug-in
C. Clientless access
D. Access Gateway plug-in
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: A NetScaler Gateway is configured to use RADIUS for authentication. A Citrix Administrator
needs to know whichNetScalerIP(NSIP)addressisusedforoutgoingRADIUStraffic.
How can the administrator verify which NSIP is used?A. Check the ns.log file.
B. Use the ping command.
C. Check the messages log file.
D. Use the command.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring RADIUS as a two-factor authentication solution on the
NetScaler. While testing the configuration the administrator observes that there are no incoming RADIUS
To resolve this issue, the administrator should change the setting of the IRADIUS client IP addressI to the
address. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. virtual IP (vIP)
B. Client IP (CIP)
C. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
D. Global Server Load Balancing IP (GSLB IP)
Correct Answer: C

While debugging the NetScaler Gateway authentication to Active Directory, a Citrix Administrator notices
the IGroups Allowed To LoginI option is preventing intended users from accessing the site.
Which NetScaler Gateway policy area should be reviewed?
A. Auditing
B. Session
C. Authentication
D. Preauthentication
Correct Answer: B

Where can the license.log file be found in the NetScaler folder structure?
A. jvarjlog
B. jvarjnetscaler
C. jvarjnsproflog
D. jvarjnetscalerjhelp
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: External users need access to hosted desktops and applications. A Citrix Administrator is
instructed to configure access to hosted resources through NetScaler Gateway.
The administrator should configure settings on the NetScaler Gateway in order to allow
users to access the corporate desktop and application store through NetScaler Gateway.
A. SOAPService
B. Citrix XML Service
C. Citrix Wallet Service
D. Secure Ticket Authority
Correct Answer: A

Where should a Citrix Administrator implement an Endpoint Analysis expression?A. Session profile
B. Authorization policy
C. Authentication policy
D. Preauthentication policy
Correct Answer: D


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