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Who should take 210-250 exam?

Success in the 210-250 exam can make a lot of difference in your career especially if you are IT professional. This exam is the first of the two required exams to achieve the CCNA Cyber Ops certification and is aligned with the job role of an associate-level Security Operations Center (SOC) Security Analyst.

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Pass4itsure 210-250 exams questions-q11QUESTION 1
Which one of the following best describes the limitations of local AAA databases?
A. User names, passwords, and credentials must be synchronized with a TACACS+/RADIUS server.
B. Scalability issues force network admins to enter user name credentials into each network device.
C. While it supports accounting, it does not meet the requirements for large persistent storage.
D. Authorization policies that are created with local AAA databases cannot be synchronized and made available to all
the devices across the network.
Correct Answer: B

In order for an attacker to create an additional local user account on a Windows host, what is required?
A. edit the Windows registry
B. access to the Windows domain controller
C. log in as the administrator or be a member of the administrator group
D. root access
Correct Answer: C

Which best describes how a DNS amplification and reflection attack is implemented?
A. by predicting the next transaction ID used in DNS query and using that to construct a spoofed DNS message
B. by using multiple DNS open resolvers to send DNS response messages to the target device
C. by falsifying and spoofing RR information on the DNS resolver
D. by depleting DNS resolver\\’s CPU, memory, and/or socket buffers
Correct Answer: B

Which one of the following options is the main purpose for using spanning tree protocol?
A. Layer 2 routing protocol
B. Layer 2 loop prevention protocol
C. Layer 2 frame speed double verification protocol
D. Layer 3 routing protocol
Correct Answer: B

What two protocols are used to retrieve email? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AB

Put the following SSH connection steps in order:
Select and Place:

Pass4itsure 210-250 exams questions-q6

Correct Answer:

Pass4itsure 210-250 exams questions-q6-2

You get an alert on your desktop computer showing that an attack was successful on the host but up on investigation
you see that occurred duration the attack. Which reason is true?
A. The computer has HIDS installed on it
B. The computer has NIDS installed on it
C. The computer has HIPS installed on it
D. The computer has NIPS installed on it
Correct Answer: A

Which is the best routing protocol to use on the Internet to route between autonomous systems?
Correct Answer: D

Which two are countermeasures that an administrator should employ to protect against DNS tunneling? (Choose two.)
A. monitor the DNS log for suspicious activities
B. deny all DNS transactions
C. encrypt DNS communications using a hash
D. deploy a solution such as Cisco OpenDNS to block the DNS tunneling traffic
Correct Answer: AD

Where are configuration records stored?
A. In a CMDB
B. In a MySQL DB
C. In a XLS file
D. There is no need to store them
Correct Answer: A


Pass4itsure 210-250 exams questions-q11

Refer to the exhibit. During an analysis, this list of email attachments is found. Which files contain the same content?
A. 1 and 4
B. 3 and 4
C. 1 and 3
D. 1 and 2
Correct Answer: C

Which is a key requirement for the RSPAN feature to work across a network?
A. All switches must belong to the same management network address range.
B. Trunk ports must connect all switches from the source port to the destination port of the RSPAN.
C. All ports on source and destination switches must be configured as access ports.
D. All switches must reside in the same VTP domain.
E. All network devices must be the same model and run the same IOS version.
Correct Answer: B

Which access control model originates from the military and uses security labels?
A. access control list
B. discretionary access control
C. mandatory access control
D. role-based access control
Correct Answer: C

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