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Exam Code: NS0-157
Exam Name: NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered Data ONTAP
Q&As: 302

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NS0-157 dumps

Pass4itsure Network Appliance Exam NS0-157 Dumps Blog Series:

An administrator enabled the iSCSI protocol on an SVM and created a LUN for a Windows 2012 server.
When the administrator uses Windows Disk Management, the LUN cannot be found.
What are two solutions for this problem? (Choose two.)
A. Set up the Windows 2012 server to serve as an iSCSI target for the LUN.
B. Define the iSCSI Send Targets in the igroup and map to the LUN.
C. Define the iSCSI IQN in the igroup and map to the LUN.
D. Start the iSCSI service on the Windows 2012 server.
NS0-157 exam Correct Answer: BD
A customer’s Linux Oracle database requires a SAN solution with multiple FC connections for path
resiliency and performance. The host has been provisioned with two dual-port FC HBAs, and each HBA is
connected to each fabric.
Before configuring the storage, what host information should the storage administrator obtain from the
customer? (Choose two.)
A. if the FC HBAs ports are all configured for an active/passive configuration.
B. the amount of cache memory installed in the host
C. if the DM-MP with ALUA support is configured on the host
D. the WWPNs of all the FC ports in the host
Correct Answer: BD
Which hidden directory points to a Snapshot copy from a NFS client?
A. %snapshot
B. .snap
C. .snapshot
D. /snapshot
NS0-157 dumps Correct Answer: C
Your application team needs to test a NAS volume using production data, but you do not have time to copy
the data and do not have a disaster recovery site.
In this scenario, which two statements are true when using FlexClone? (Choose two.)
A. The clone will update automatically when the parent volume is updated.
B. The clone can be made independent by splitting it from the parent volume.
C. The clone can be moved to another aggregate keeping space efficiency.
D. The clone can be cloned again for multi-phase testing.
Correct Answer: B
How many disks reside in a DS4246 shelf?
A. 46
B. 42

C. 14
D. 24
NS0-157 pdf Correct Answer: D
You have an aggregate with 10 TB free. You create a 1 TB volume with space-guarantee set to none. In
that volume, you create a 500 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled.
How much space is available in the aggregate before data is written to the LUN?
A. 10 TB
B. 9.5 TB
C. 8.5 TB
D. 9 TB
Correct Answer: D
An administrator is working with an application group to resolve a performance problem within the
environment. They are experiencing slow read speeds and are trying to determine what could be done to
improve performance.
What would you add to the system to improve performance?
B. FlashCache
D. processors
NS0-157 vce Correct Answer: D
You create a 1000 GB volume with space-guarantee set to none and fractional-reserve set to 0. In that
volume you create a 400 GB LUN with space-reserve enabled.
How much space is available in the volume before data is written to the LUN?
A. 400 GB
B. 0 GB
C. 600 GB
D. 1000 GB
Correct Answer: B
You set up a SnapMirror relationship between two clusters and start the SnapMirror initialization. The
transfer starts without error and begins replicating data. Before the initialization completes, a network
failure occurs and the transfer fails to finish. Once the network failure is corrected, you attempt to initialize
the transfer again, but receive the following error:
Volume rep_vol01 is restricted
Which step should you perform before attempting re-initialization?
A. Change the state of the destination volume to online.
B. Delete all Snapshot copies on the destination volume.
C. Change the state of the destination volume to offline.
D. Delete all data in the destination volume.

NS0-157 exam Correct Answer: B
Which storage efficiency features are available in clustered Data ONTAP 8.2? (choose all that apply)
A. Thin provisioning
B. FlexClone
C. Deduplication
D. SnapVault
E. Compression
F. SyncMirror
Correct Answer: ABCE
Storage QOS maximum throughput limits can be defined in terms of:
A. IOPS only
B. MB/s only
C. IOPS or MB/s
D. IOPS and MB/s
NS0-157 dumps Correct Answer: C
Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later Quality of Service (QoS) Policies have which three characteristics?
A. A LUN’s QoS policies can be changed dynamically
B. A QoS policy can be decreased
C. A QoS policy can be increased
D. A Qtree’s QoS policies can be changed dynamically
E. A volume can be a member of two QoS policies
Correct Answer: ABC
For Vserver-aware NDMP backups, the ______________ must be enabled with cluster- aware backup
A. vServer management LIF
B. DMA server
C. Data LIF
D. Node management LIF
NS0-157 pdf Correct Answer: C
With clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 or later, which SAN component will no longer be supported?
A. Windows Server 2012
B. vSphere 5.1
C. Veritas DMP
D. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2
E. AIX 7.1
Correct Answer: C
The VLDB is out-of-quorum on the node serving as the master of the VLDB ring. Which four statements
are true? (Choose four.)
A. A new VLDB ring master is elected.
B. Clients can write to volumes on that node.
C. Volumes cannot be moved to or from that node.
D. Clients can read from volumes hosted on that node.
E. New volumes can be created on aggregates hosted on that node.
NS0-157 vce Correct Answer: ABCD

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