The customer is cloud wars important key, impelled to form the enterprise cloud such explosive industry competition situation. This is something we have to keep in mind. Microsoft and SAP announced yesterday that they have established a deep and extensive partnership in the cloud, which is definitely an unprecedented alliance within the industry, with great impact and enthusiastic online commentary. We produce innovative products, so that customers can pursue and enjoy outdoor passion. The Microsoft and SAP Alliance provides the assurance we need to innovate in the cloud computing field.


Columbia Sportswear Co. Chief Information Officer and Vice President Mike. Hilt outlined this partnership in the customer-driven growth revolution mentioned in SAP McDermott, where he said Microsoft and SAP helped us develop our wholesale and consumer business. The strong links between software giants will provide a technical basis to enable Colombia to better serve customers around the world. In addition, hilt points out, Microsoft and SAP are helping Colombia do what every family has to do in today fiercely competitive marketplace: to make and fulfill its commitment to customers. it is quite compelling to see two of the world leading enterprise-software and cloud-computing companies embrace the opportunity to collaborate deeply and broadly for the benefit of some very, very happy customers.

Because when it comes to offering glowing public endorsements of enterprise-technology developments, big customer-side Companies is generally somewhere between reluctant and violently to any opposed. Not the case. Microsoft and SAP, a highly strategic cloud partnership, will have a big impact on top-flight rivals like Amazon, $url, IBM and Oracle.

In fact, big companies want to move aggressively and intelligently to the cloud to realize that they will be able to deliver significant rewards from SAP deeply coordinated cloud offerings – the world leading enterprise application provider and Microsoft, some of whom think it is the world premier cloud computing provider.

Let us first look at this unique cloud partnership between SAP and Microsoft:

1. It directly involves the high-profile CEOs of each company:microsoft ‘ s Satya Nadella and SAP ‘ s Bill McDermott, facilitated the A long-term alliance between two software giants.

2. It provides customers with integrated products, provides a clear roadmap, and promotes more business innovation in the cloud. In our digital age customers are top priority, and cloud computing and business innovation are one of the essential ways.

3. Microsoft and SAP say this is an End-to-end partnership: They would co-engineer new products and services, going to market up with premier solutions, and provide joint support services.

4. SAP managed cloud service, called HANA Enterprise Cloud, can now run on Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to run SAP/4HANA Enterprise apps on a platform for which Microsoft has reported revenue growth from at least Rs. The joint Bulletin of the two companies says it offers application management and product expertise in SAP, as well as a global, trusted, and smart cloud from Microsoft Azure, including the scope services of the Microsoft cloud. The key partners SAP and Microsoft would help drive our cloud strategy and digital business forward.

5. Corporate Trust is important, and Microsoft and SAP will work together to help businesses win customer-driven growth revolutions, and we collectively empower customers to harness the power of cloud computing, data, and true innovation analysis. Cooperation can improve the company data situation, rapid implementation speed is a cloud-driven innovation needs. Each company agrees to adopt a wide range of other cloud technology examples and gather their experience and share them with customers to find best practices. If there is a more enthusiastic customer recognition of corporate technology transactions, we are happy to adopt.


Simpson said Microsoft SAP Cloud Partnership is an extremely important development for the Coca-Cola system, and the partnership between the two suppliers of engineering sales and delivery will allow Coca-Cola to speed up our digital agenda. This is a very positive and exciting development for us.  Abdella said uses SAP on Azure and we have data intelligence that can operate more efficiently in all aspects of our business and expedite the delivery of finished products to our customers.

As enterprises leap to the cloud, accelerate innovation and closer contact with customers, cloud Station series of cloud suppliers play an important role.


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