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A network engineer wants to notify a manager in the events that the IP SLA connection loss threshold reached. Which
two feature are need to implements this functionality? (choose two)
B. Threshold action
C. Cisco IOS EEM
D. SNMP traps
E. logging local
Correct Answer: BD
IP SLAs supports threshold monitoring for performance parameters such as average jitter, unidirectional latency and
bidirectional round trip time and connectivity. This proactive monitoring capability provides options for configuring
reaction thresholds for important VoIP related parameters including unidirectional jitter, unidirectional packet loss, and
unidirectional VoIP voice quality scoring (MOS scores). IP SLAs can generate system logging (syslog) messages when
the reaction threshold increases or decreases beyond the configured values for packet loss, average jitter, or MOS.
These system logging messages can then be sent as SNMP notifications (traps) using the CISCO-SYSLOG-MIB.


which authentication methods are EIGRP uses?
A. sha
B. md5
Correct Answer: B


Output of show ip flow export
A. Displays the status and the statistics for NetFlow accounting data export sample output low export v5 is enabled for
main cache Exporting flows to (9991) (9111) Exporting using source IP address
Version 5 flow records 11 flows exported in 8 udp datagrams 0 flows failed due to lack of export packet 0 export packets
were sent up to process level 0 export packets were dropped due to no fib 0 export packets were dropped due to
adjacency issues 0 export packets were dropped due to fragmentation failures 0 export packets were dropped due to
encapsulation fixup failures 0 export packets were dropped enqueuing for the RP 0 export packets were dropped due to
IPC rate limiting 0 export packets were dropped due to output drops
Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

pass4itsure 300-101 exam question q4

R1 is configured with VRF-Lite and can ping R2. R2 is fully configured, but it has no active EIGRP neighbors in vrf
Yellow. If the configuration of R2 is complete, then which issue prevents the EIGRP 100 neighbor relationship in vrf
Yellow from forming?
A. The no auto-summary command is preventing the EIGRP neighbor relationship from forming
B. There is a Layer 1 issue that prevents the EIGRP neighbor relationship from forming
C. The interface IP addresses are not in the same subnet D. EIGRP 100 network 192 168 1 0/24 is configured in the
global routing table on R1
Correct Answer: D


Which option is an invalid redistribute command option for redistributing routers from EIGRP into OSPF?
A. router map
B. tag
C. access list
D. metric
Correct Answer: C

You need the IP address of the devices with which the router has established an adjacency. Also, the retransmit interval
and the queue counts for the adjacent routers need to be checked. What command will display the required
A. show ip eigrp adjacency
B. show ip eigrp topology
C. show ip eigrp interfaces
D. show ip eigrp neighbor
Correct Answer: D

You are configuring the R1 Senal0 interface for a point-to-point connection Drag and drop the required configuration
statements from the left onto the cooed locations from the diagram on the right. Not all commands are usedpass4itsure 300-101 exam question q7

Select and Place:

pass4itsure 300-101 exam question q7-1

Correct Answer:

pass4itsure 300-101 exam question q7-2


If you configure one router in your network with the auto-cost reference bandwidth 100 command, which effect on the
data path is true?
A. The data path remains the same for all links.
B. The data path changes for 10 Mbps links only.
C. The data path changes for all links.
D. The data path changes for 10 Gbps links only.
Correct Answer: A

What show command is used here? TCB Local Address Foreign Address (state) 6523A4FC ESTAB 65239A84 ESTAB 653FCBBC *.1723 *.* LISTEN
A. show tcp brief
B. show tcp brief all
C. show tcp brief numeric
D. show tcp brief ip
Correct Answer: C

Which functionality is required within an IP router that is situated at the boundary of an IPv4 network and an IPv6
network to allow communication between IPv6-only and IPv4-only nodes?
A. Autoconfiguration
B. Automatic 6to4 Tunnel
C. Automatic 6to4 Relay
D. Network Address Translator-Protocol Translator (NAT-PT)
E. Intrasite Automatic Tunnel Address Protocol (ISATAP)
Correct Answer: D
NAT-PT provides IPv4/IPv6 protocol translation. It resides within an IP router, situated at the boundary of an IPv4
network and an IPv6 network. By installing NAT-PT between an IPv4 and IPv6 network, all IPv4 users are given access
to the IPv6 network without modification in the local IPv4-hosts (and vice versa). Equally, all hosts on the IPv6 network
are given access to the IPv4 hosts without modification to the local IPv6-hosts. This is accomplished with a pool of IPv4
addresses for assignment


What is used in EIGRP metric calculation?
A. Maximum bandwidth on the path
B. Option about bandwidth
C. Average bandwidth on the path
D. Minimum bandwidth on the path
Correct Answer: D

Which two reductions are the correct reductions if the IPv6 address 2001:0d02:0000:0000:0014:0000:0000:0095?
(Choose two)
A. 2001:0d02::0014::0095
B. 2001:d02:14:95
C. 2001:d02:0:0:14:95
D. 2001:d02:14:0:0:95
Correct Answer: CD
We can\\’t use triple colons (:::) in IPv6 presentation. Also We can\\’t use double colons (::) twice. You can use it only
once in any address because if two double colons are placed in the same address, there will be no way to identify the
size of each block of 0s. Remember the following techniques to shorten an IPv6 address:

Omit leading 0s in the address field, so :0000 can be compressed to just :0 and :0d02 can be com-pressed to :d02 (but
:1d00 can not be compressed to :1d)

Use double colons (::), but just once, to represent a contiguous block of 0s, so
2001:0d02:0000:0000:0014:0000:0000:0095 can be compressed to 2001:0d02::14:0:0:95 or 2001:0d02:0:0:14::95


Which three options are valid DHCPv6 functions? (Choose three)
A. Server
B. client
C. approver
D. requester
E. requester
G. relay
Correct Answer: ABG

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