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Exam Code: 830-506
Exam Name: Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction – Practical Exam
Q&As: 112

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830-506 dumps

Pass4itsure Cisco Exam 830-506 Dumps Blog Series:

Question No : 1 Which documents are created for an invoice entered for a local purchase order in the
standalone scenario?
A. Accounting document in SRM
B. Invoice in ERP
C. Invoice in SRM
D. Accounting document in ERP
830-506 exam Answer: C,D
Question No : 2 Which follow-on documents can be the result of an SRM confirmation of goods in the
classic scenario?
A. Acknowledgement and inbound delivery
B. Material document and accounting document
C. Inbound delivery and material documents
D. Accounting document and inbound delivery
Answer: B
Question No : 3  Which attribute within the organizational plan specifies the backend system where the
account assignment data is checked?
A. System alias for accounting systems
B. System alias for logical system
C. System alias
D. System alias for vendor
830-506 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 4 Accounting data is supplied according to the SAP SRM system configuration.
For which shopping carts is this data ignored?
A. For shopping carts which are subject to a purchaser completion workflow
B. For shopping carts in the extended classic scenario
C. For shopping carts referring to procurement cards
D. For shopping carts for direct material
Answer: D
Question No : 5 Where is the setting that enables a purchaser to enter a bid on behalf of a supplier?
A. Business Partner
B. Implementation Guide (IMG)
C. Vendor Group
D. Organization Plan
830-506 pdf Answer: A
Question No : 6 What can be used to give a supplier an advantage in a live auction?
A. Cascading line items
B. Lotting
C. Reference price
D. Factored-cost bidding
Answer: D
Question No : 7 What control setting is maintained in the transaction type of an RFx?
A. Allow automatic extension
B. Allow surrogate bidding
C. Allow multiple currencies
D. Allow bidders to add new items
830-506 vce Answer: D
Question No : 8 Which item data can be defined prior to the start of a live auction? (Choose two)
A. Reserve price
B. Binding period
C. Automatic extension
D. Reference price
Answer: A,D
Question No : 9  For which kind of auctions do you use proxy bidding?
A. For auctions without lots
B. For auctions without overall best bid validation
C. For auctions with bid decrements at the auction header
D. For auctions without reserve price
830-506 exam Answer: A
Question No : 10 What option in Import Manager is used to map 1 source field to multiple destination fields?
A. Compounding
B. Adding
C. Cloning
D. Renaming
Answer: C
Question No : 11 Which SAP MDM component is used to schedule automated data imports?
A. MDM Import Manager
B. MDM Server
C. MDM Import Server
D. MDM Connector
830-506 dumps Answer: C
Question No : 12
You can transfer lookup data from ERP and SRM to SRM-MDM. What data can only be transferred from ERP to SRM-MDM?
A. Product categories
B. UOM ISO codes
C. Purchasing organizations
D. Currencies
Answer: C
Question No : 13 What is used in MDM Import Manager to determine whether records are new or already exist in the repository?
A. Value Conversion
B. Default Import Action
C. Record Filtering
D. Matching Field(s)
830-506 pdf Answer: D
Question No : 14  What can be used in MDM Data Manager to calculate the percentage of a price change for catalog items?
A. Assignments
B. Validations
C. Matching rules
D. Transformations
Answer: A
Question No : 15 Which mode in the MDM Data Manager allows you to assign attributes to categories in a hierarchy?
A. Taxonomy mode
B. Record mode
C. Matching mode
D. Hierarchy mode
830-506 vce Answer: A
Question No : 16 Which SRM-MDM component do you use to load images into the repository?
A. Data Manager
B. Console
C. MDM Import Manager
D. MDM Import Server
Answer: A
Question No : 17  Which UI configuration setting facilitates the direct transfer of items from the MDM catalog to the SRM server?
A. Shopping lists available
B. Shopping cart
C. Catalog exploring
D. Cart preview
830-506 exam Answer: B
Question No : 18 What SAP-delivered role must a catalog administrator have in order to activate the advanced search feature in the SRM-MDM catalog?
A. Catalog manager
B. Catalog user
C. Default
D. UI configuration manager
Answer: D
Question No : 19 Which of the following are OCI outbound parameters? (Choose two)
A. Logical system
C. Business Partner
D. User name
830-506 dumps Answer: B,D
Question No : 20  When configuring a Web-Service ID in SRM, what are the valid configuration options for catalogs? (Choose two)
A. Usage of error log
B. Automatic assignment of purchasing groups
C. Checking of products against SRM product master
D. Validation of unit of measure (UoM)
Answer: A,C
Question No : 21 What can be used as a source of supply for both SRM 7.0 and SAP ECC 6.0 EhP4?
A. Supplier list
B. SRM contract
C. Global outline agreement
D. Central contract
830-506 pdf Answer: D
Question No : 22 Which documents can be uploaded from ERP to create a contract document in SRM?
A. Quotations
B. Schedule lines
C. Scheduling agreements
D. Requisitions
Answer: C
Question No : 23
Which of the following are functions in SRM Central Contract Management? (Choose two)
A. Management of global outline agreements
B. Setting of exchange rate thresholds
C. Integration of records management
D. Prohibition of changing vendor in contracts
830-506 vce Answer: B,C
Question No : 24 What offers standard functionality to customers who require legal contract authoring capabilities, such as legal clauses and template libraries?
A. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
B. SRM Global Outline Agreements
C. Outline Agreements in ECC 6.0 EhP4
D. SRM Central Contracts
Answer: A
Question No : 25  Where does price determination occur when a purchase order is created in ERP against a central contract?
D. In NetWeaver PI
830-506 exam Answer: A

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